1. To provide customers with tailor-made material handling solutions
2. Rich experience and professional engineers teams
3. Very professional equipment manufacture supervision team
4. Overseas agents and service providers
5. Global sales and service

We are not only lifting equipment experts but also experts in resource integration. We deeply know that the details determine the success or failure. Relying on the professional design team and supervision team to make strict implementation of FEM1.001 crane manufacturing standards, we choose the professional outsourcing enterprises to manufacture the different components of the lifting equipment. Our supervisory team control every production process. And every component has been rigorously tested to ensure that substandard products will not enter the market. Modular design, modular products, large-scale production greatly enhance the products competitiveness.We record each equipment in the file to ensure that you don’t have to worry about equipment parts replacement problems. We will ensure the stable operation of equipment to support your business Competitiveness.
Innovation and service are the driving force for sustainable development. We have a deep understanding of this. We have been trying to do better in the field of preventive maintenance and diagnosis. We will connect closely with intelligent and crane equipment service .Through our development of BLACKBOX System , you can know your equipment running from the regular data to the real-time data report. In this case you can ensure your equipment continuous safe and efficient operation to reduce equipment downtime. In order to make sure your stable production, we also provide other Chinese brand hoists and crane equipment maintenance services.

Панама – компания строительства и компания стальных изделий

Компания ООО СТАЛЬНЫХ ИЗДЕЛИИ Панама была создана в 1962 году, основная деятельность компании – прои