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Tailor Made Solutions

●  Experience
With the rich experience in the business, Clescrane is able to provide our clients from all over the world with the most optimized solutions. Professional teams of Clescrane could assist client in selecting the most suitable equipment for their workshop.

●  Integral Solutions
From design stage, we offer tailor made solutions to our customers. We are able to supply all kinds of cranes involved in the typical projects of the sector. The solutions are integral according to the complete process needs demanded by our clients.

●  Safety & Efficiency
Clescrane provides tailors made solutions specially designed to meet our customers’ demanding processes and ensure high efficiency. Clescrane complete turnkey solutions could lengthen life span of cranes.
We provide professional solutions based o our rich experience in the field which could satisfy our clients. We are capable of improving efficiency for our clients no matter what process we are in.

Панама – компания строительства и компания стальных изделий

Компания ООО СТАЛЬНЫХ ИЗДЕЛИИ Панама была создана в 1962 году, основная деятельность компании – прои