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End Carriage HE Series

HE series standardized end carriages are mainly adapted to CHS and CHD bridge cranes.

HE series standardized end carriages are mainly adapted to CHS and CHD bridge cranes.
The main body of the end carriage adopts the integral one-time forming, high precision, low alloy structure and high strength and flexibility.
End beam drive power less than or equal to 2 * 1.1KW, our standard configuration is CLES drive production by ourselves.  End beam drive power greater than 2 * 1.1KW, our standard configuration is F series gear motor of SEW.
42CrMo alloy forged wheels, wear-resistant impact, and bearing standards using China LYC and HRB bearings, high performance, and long life.  If you need to adapt to SKF or FAG brand bearings, we can achieve for you.

The following table shows the parameters of the standard end beam part of the F series drive of SEW (specific request, please contact by email: inquiry@clescrane.com ):
End Carriage of Bridge V=32m/min
Model Application SEW
Model Power (Kw)
CBS1214 CHS5-10.5m
CBS1218 CHS3.2-13.5m
CBS1231 CHS3.2-22.5m
CBS1610 CHS8-7.5m FA37DRS80S4 0.75
CBS1618 CHS6.3-13.5m FA37DRS80S4 0.75
CBS1622 CHS5-16.5m FA37DRS80S4 0.75
CBS1631 CHS5-22.5m FA37DRS80S4 0.75
CBD1622 CHD5-13.5m FA37DRS71M4 0.55
CBD1638 CHD5-22.5m FA37DRS80S4 0.75
CBS2010 CHS12.5-7.5m FA47DRS80M4 1.1
CBS2014 CHS12.5-10.5m FA47DRS80M4 1.1
CBS2031 CHS12.5-21.5m FA57DRS90M4 1.5
CBD2027 CHD10-18.5m FA47DRS80M4 1.1
CBD2038 CHD6.3-26.5m FA47DRS80M4 1.1
CBD2038 CHD10-26.5m FA47DRS90M4 1.5
CBG2016 CHD25-33.5m FA67DRS100M4 3
CBG2531 CHD25-22.5m FA67DRS90L4 2.2
CBG2545 CHD16-31.5m FA67DRS90L4 2.2
CBG2512 CHD40-13.5m FA67DRS100M4 3
CBG2518 CHD40-34.5m FA77DRS132S4 4
CDG3227 CHD32-18.5m FA67DRS90L4 2.2
CDG3245 CHD25-29.5m FA67DRS90L4 2.2
CBG3214 CHD50-13.5m FA77DRS100M4 3
CBG3220 CHD50-34.5m FA77DRS112M4 4
More parameters and non-standard products please contact Clescrane.
Вы можете получить прайс-лист и потом представитель CLES свяжется с вами как можно быстрее. ( Примечание: Вы можете выбрать счёт в РУБЛЯХ или ДОЛЛАРАХ, как Вам удобнее.)
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