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Value-added Services

Clescrane, which is not only proficient in crane technology but also efforts to expand the scope of services for our customers, we understand that many customers previously selected crane products from China, such as CD, MD, LD, LH, MH, QD, MG and other products, The configuration and the accessories are not unified from different Chinese suppliers as their products are not standardized design. The result is many troubles during maintenance for many customers. 
Clescrane launched the concept with one-on-one service, the aim to fundamentally solve the customer tangled spare parts and accessories issues. 
your condition and the use of the products we know the more clearly, we can do more for you when we know more clearly by a good communication, such as your condition, situation, what product you are using now. In the interactive era through the Internet business, Clescrane is willing to provide you a comfortable one-on-one service.

We will introduce more value-added services continuously to meet the different needs of customers!

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Компания ООО СТАЛЬНЫХ ИЗДЕЛИИ Панама была создана в 1962 году, основная деятельность компании – прои