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Kuwait Trading & Maintenance Company

Kuwait Trading & Maintenance Company founded in 1970, mainly working on exploration and mining of oil and gas, including maintenance service on drillig equipments.
Because of used Street hoist was damaged, which need go on transformation and upgrading on hoist to promote safety and work efficiency.
Through overall and detailed communication, accordingly to used equipment condition and actual demand from client, we recommend CH Series wire rope hoist (Suitable for double girder crane)
In Sep. 2016, Clescrane and Kuwait Trading & Maintenance Company reached cooperation and signed 4 sets of CH Series wire rope hoists (CH16t H=7m M5 4 sets).
Kuwait Trading & Maintenance Company is very satisfied with Clescrane solving plan and products. With the business growing inWestern Asia, Clescrane will be the choice of more and more clients. As always Clescrane will provide client most safety, most efficiency solving plan and products in materials handling lifting field.


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Телефон: 0086-371-5532 8269 Ext.1002

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